Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Monday Fun Day

This Monday Waikowhai had a Monday Fun Day. The day was suppose to be wheels day but I think the highlight of the day was the slip and slide. When we weren't on the slip and slide we at three different stations. One of them was T-ball, the second one was Capture the flag and the last one was the chill zone. The chill zone was my favourite station. Even though most people didn't bring some wheels there was some time to go on the wheels. Here are some photos of the day. Hope you enjoy.Feel free to leave a comment and share my blog with others. Blog you later

Friday, November 17, 2017

Our Gala Day Creation

For our school Gala day we are selling SOAP!! Our Gala day is based on the environment. We are making soap because the soaps we buy in the shops normally have chemicals in them so we made our soaps with NO chemical.
This is how you make our soap.

Things you will need are:
Goats milk or Glycerine soap
Food colouring (optional)

1.Melt the soap in a bowl for 1 min intervals until fully melted.
2. Next add you food colouring and scents if wanted.
3.Pour the mixtures into the moulds and let the soap set
4.When fully set get them out of the moulds
5.The final step is to ENJOY!!

I think making soap is good because our soap we made is organic but i think that making tote bags like one of the other class are is more fun because you get to sew.
Here are some photos of the soap and the posters.
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Friday, October 27, 2017

My NZ Journey

Hi Blogging world,
For maths we have been doing budgeting. We were given a task to see how much we would had spent if we went on holiday for 11 days around NZ. We had to estimate how much we would have spent if we went on a real holiday. A lot of people said that they would spend less then 2000 dollars but I think that we all are going to spend over 5000 dollars.

 The things we had to think about were how much we should spend each day?, is staying in a campervan cheaper? and do I need to have a daily budget? We had to choose our flight, i picked JetStar. Then we had to choose should we hire a car or should we hire a camper-van.  If we hired a camper van we wouldn't have to pay for a hotel each time we go somewhere but we still had to pay for a place to park our campervan, so I picked to use a campervan. In every place we had to chose a place to visit. Then we had to add up all the costs from the day and total it up. One of the tasks we had to do was go on to google maps and work out how long it would take us and how many kilometres. Then we had to use a calculator to see how much we would have to spend on petrol. 

After all of that we had to pick one ferry to take from Picton to Auckland . Then we added the whole trips cost and added it all together. Here is the slide show. Hope you enjoy feel free to leave a comment and share my blog with others
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Monday, September 11, 2017

The Magical World of Crazy Science

Today we went to watch a crazy science show. We learnt about chemistry, energy, frictions and very surprisingly NAPPIES!!. He did lots of magic trick that involve science, like when he had this chemical called polymer which is in nappies. When he put some coloured water in to chemical it make the water into a solid instantly. Another fact he told us that water is the only substance on earth that can be a liquid, solid and gas. Did you know that bubbles are the thinnest thing  in the world that can be seen by the human eye. When you rub your hands together or you click your fingers that's called friction. My favourite part of  the show was when he made huge bubbles. I wonder how the chemical polymer makes the water into a solid. Hope you enjoy the photos. Feel free to leave a comment and share my blog with other.

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Friday, September 8, 2017


Last week the senior syndicate went to Mt Ruapehu for our school camp. We had a choice of skiing and snowboarding, I chose skiing. It was a 6 hour bus trip but I think it was worth it.We had three stops one of them were Hamilton garden. Some of the gardens they had were amazing. My favourite one was the Chinese Scholar's garden. Our second stop was Otorohanga, and our last stop was Taumaranui school. Their playground is so cool. We finally made it to the hotel. We unpacked our stuff and headed to bed. The next day was all about trying, everyone had fell down a lot. The second day was when everyone had learned and was heading down the hill and some people made it to rock garden which is the second level and one boy made it to water fall which is the third level. It was so sad on the last day because we were leaving. But I was so happy to see my family I haven't seen them for one whole week.

Here is a slideshow on what we did at camp, Hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment and share my blog with other.
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Friday, August 18, 2017


For past 4 weeks on Thursdays we have been doing Taekwondo. We have been learning how to kick and punch. As soon as the first person enters the hall we have ten seconds to take of our shoes and socks and get in our lines.One of the things that I like is that when we have had one lesson of punching or kicking we go in to a competition.Our teachers is very strict she says that we have to become her friend to call her her name so for now we call her ma'am. I think that Taekwondo teaches us to not mess around and get stuff done on time. I hope you enjoy this photos of us at Taekwondo.Feel free to leave a comment and share my blog with others.
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Friday, August 11, 2017

Maths Creations

Hi blogging world. Last week for maths we had to make a tent. We were given a stick of modelling clay, lots of tooth picks and a piece of cardboard. We made little balls of modelling clay and connected it with the tooth picks to make the walls and the floor. The shapes I used were squares and a rectangle. One of the problems were that our creations keep falling apart because of gravity pushing the modelling clay down. The fun things were that when making something with clay and tooth picks you need to push your self in a creative way. I found out that it must be very hard to build a real building. I think that next time I build something like this I will use a different variety of shapes. Over all I think that this activity was a very fun way to learn maths because it teach's kids maths is everywhere and that some shapes are stronger than others.  Here is a picture of mine. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave comment and share my blog with others
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